I am offering a limited-time offer for therapeutic photography sessions for only FIVE lovely humans deserving of being photographed (psst… that’s you!!!).

You deserve to know that you are an inspiration, just as you are! Now you have the opportunity to feel your power by embarking on a journey of body image appreciation with Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography.

There are five slots available, and applications are closed August 8th at midnight! 

Following similar intentions and purpose that come with The Malachite Experience, your sessions will follow a foundation that looks to examine your self image, and then empower you to shift your mindset in a direction that serves you where you are right now in life. 

Life is a tapestry of precious moments, both big and small, 
that deserve to be celebrated.


No prior modeling experience needed. You must be 21+ years old to apply, and must not have a current session scheduled with Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography in the 2023 calendar. All bodies are welcome and encouraged to apply

whAT IS therapeutic photography?

Using therapeutic photography, these sessions are for you to reclaim your narrative through visual expression of your emotions, experiences, and even aspirations. Through the power of photography, you’ll gain new insights, and celebrate the moments of triumph that shape your life.

Gifts that you provide yourself with therapeutic photography include:

  • become more present in the moment, cultivating a sense of mindfulness and awareness

  • gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your strengths, and the unique beauty within

  • gain fresh insights, challenge limiting beliefs, and embrace positive changes in every area of your life

  • embrace your unique journey and develop a renewed sense of empowerment and confidence.

The Deal

  • 90-minute session in the studio in Sunnyvale, CA

  • session fee of only $99

    instant savings of $201

  • professional support and guidance throughout entire session

  • access to the growing closet of clothing and body jewelry in sizes 4XL to 2XS

  • inclusive body image and mindset coaching before, during, and after your session

  • receive 3 web-sized images FREE

    valued at $300 total

  • $500 discount on all collection upgrades

    collections begin at $750

  • the opportunity to put yourself first and see the majesty of your entire being

  • signed session contract to save date

  • chance to influence future studio purchases, including props and customized body jewelry

  • full model reslease is required for all final images

that's over $1,000 in savings!


There will be a $99 booking fee to hold your date – due within 12 hours of being chosen. That’s it!  You get your 3 web-sized digital downloads within 2 weeks. These will be selected for you.  Products and full-sized digitals can be purchased separately. Remember, you also get a discount on all collection upgrades, too! Post-session payment plans are available upon request.

How do I Apply?

If you are interested, complete the form below to have a link sent to your inbox where you can fill out the 10-minute application. Be sure to get it filled out quickly, because applications close as of Tuesday, August 8th at midnight PST! Recipients are contacted directly within 48 hours after selection.


When all five participants are chosen! Through your application, we will see if you are a good fit for this special offer. If you are, then you will be asked to schedule your consultation during which you will review calendar availability and complete your session fee payment.


Fill out the form to receive your application directly to your inbox!


As a Divine Muse, you have a one-time 90-minute session commitment required within 3 months of being accepted; a signed contract for your session; and honest review of your experience to help inform others of how your session impacted your life. Should you choose not to purchase any additional products or collections, you forfeit your included credit. 

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