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Unscripted Memories

Through lifestyle photography, the Unscripted Memories experience is more than just a photo session; it is an invitation into the intimate corners of this phase in your life. It seeks to stop time within the four corners of a picture to create a unique tapestry of you. With a focus on authenticity and narrative storytelling, the aim is to freeze-frame your life in its most genuine form, creating a visual narrative that unfolds like a cherished storybook. 

Life is a tapestry of precious moments, both big and small, that deserve to be celebrated.


Whether it’s the anticipation of new life, the tender moments with your newborn, or the warmth of family bonds, our sessions are crafted to showcase the beauty of your unique lifestyle.

Gifts that you provide your and your future legacy with through photography include:

  • Craft a visual narrative that tells the story of your life in this moment.

  • Have a timeless reflection of this unique phase in your life, preserving the beauty for years to come.

  • Deepen a sense of belonging and self-identity through images of the whole family together.

  • Actually have images with you in the photo - instead of always being the one taking the photo.

types of sessionS TO

Examples of once-in-a-lifetime events this style of photography covers include, but are not limited to, these  common life events.

The window of pregnancy passes through our lives just as quickly as it arrived.  Every pregnancy is different, so no matter if this is your first or third, this pregnancy is special to you and the human you are carrying within you.  Maternity Photography is meant to preserve this window of time that is ever changing, from month to month and week to week.

Immortalize the fresh bliss after birth. Taken within the first 48 hours of life, I will come to you to take photos of your new little one and the family present. This time is special because your baby will never be this small, ever again.

When you bring your new baby home, I will be there to document the happiness of your family comig together, getting your the first looks and all the joy that comes with it. Perfect when taken within the first two weeks of life.

Meant to be within the first 14-30 days of life, as these days your baby still looks like a fresh little human. Since they grow so fast, they truly look different after this point. This is great because it gives you time to settle in after bringing baby home.

Meant to commemorate how you feed your baby.  Whether through bottle or body, your journey to feed your baby is special. This style of photography will feature you and your little one. 


Step by Step

Below is an overview of what you can expect during your lifestyle photo session.


I start every client relationship with a quick 15-minute phone call to chat with you to learn more about you and your specific needs for photography. No obligation whatsoever at this free consult, as I want to ensure we are the right fit for each other and that I can meet your needs.


Once we've decided on a time and date and officially put your session on the books, I'll send you your contract and invoice for review and completion. I prefer to walk you through this step, so this sometimes gets completed during our consultation, adding 45 minutes to the meeting.


You'll be sent a Getting Ready Guide that will walk you through everything after you're scheduled. Called a Creative Consultation, we will review your intentions for the shoot and solidify all the fine details. This is a direct meeting we have together that really sets the stage


The day of the session, please block off 2-2.5 hours. Typically we're done within 60 minutes or so, but I don't charge by the hour, so if we need to take a break, I like to stay flexible. When taking photos of your story, the legacy you out of this phase, nothing can be rushed.


This is the fun part! Within 3-4 weeks of your session, your images are ready. You have the choice of doing this with me or on your own - your gallery reveal. Once you've had a chance to take them all in, you'll decide which collection you want. After, you'll have 30 days to select the specific digital files and print items to keep.

experience INVESTMENT

Your investment is split into two main portions.  The first portion is required to secure your spot on my calendar and cover the costs associated with your session experience. This payment is considered your “Session Fee” – check out the list below for the full details on what is covered.

all sessions include:

The most important aspect of a session fee is that is acts as a retainer for your photoshoot on my calendar.  No one else can have that date – I literally do not take on another client for that day.  As such, during this time nothing else matters than you and the photos we are creating.

Included for every client is a guide with a set of recommendations and suggestions for what to wear during your photography session. The purpose is to help you select clothing that will complement the theme and vision of your photoshoot while also enhancing your personal style.

Together we review the goals and vision you want to achieve with your photoshoot. Called a “Creative Consultaton” we cover everything from location selection to wardrobe consultation, all details are put in place and decided upon with my help. Every session is curated with  your personal goal in mind.

Your session includes up to 60 minutes of photoshoot coverage.  Within this time you may also be guided through prompts that intend to help bring out your natural self.  This combination further adds to your unique experience and one-of-a-kind results. 

Each image provided has been carefully selected and edited for style and expression of emotion. No photo is included without thought – like a frame in the movie that shows the whole story of your photo session. You receive a private viewing of your entire gallery, and make your selections after viewing this watermarked slideshow.  All watermarks are removed in final product purchases.

When your images are ready they are delivered via a private password-protected gallery accessible only to you, the client.  All images are available for download up to 30 days from session, and can be requested up to 6 months after the event in the case you lose your images. 

I offer design support to help you perfect your printed products. I can work to create a customized layout and design that fits your unique story. Alternatively, you can also design with pre-made templates for a faster and easier option. I want to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your print product order.



the collections

The second portion of your investment encompasses the “Collections” you will select to immortalize your legacy.  This unique set up allows you to choose what you truly want out of your experience. We review all of these packages, their contents, and prices during our initial consultation before you sign any contract or make any payments. All collections include full-resolution digital images, investments starting at $1250. 

Payment plans are available upon request.



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