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Birth Story Photography

Your baby's first moments are priceless - create a legacy worthy of their arrival.

The birth of your child is a story that has been months, if not years, in the making. Thus, the journey leading up to the birth of your child has been a cherished tale, filled with anticipation and wonder. The birth of a child is one of life’s most precious treasures.

Allow yourself to be fully present in the magic of labor, knowing that every significant moment will be documented for you. Gain a fresh perspective on the sacred moments that bring your baby into this world.

  • Don't worry about missing anything - just focus on your labor.

  • See the moment over and over again to relive this precious phase of both of your lives.

  • As quickly as this stage has arrived, it will just as swiftly pass into a memory - preserve it now!

  • Gain a fresh perspective on the sacred moments of bringing your baby into this world.

You will be able to remember every detail of your baby’s birth for the rest of your life.

Not only that, your baby will know the legacy of how they are born.

This current moment is precious. Right here, right now. You hope you remember… but know it’s all going to be one big blur.  It flashes by in the blink of an eye. Pretty soon, your babies are having babies of their own, looking for pictures of themselves to compare to the newest family addition. 

Don’t rely on your memory for the most precious times of your life.

Relax and enjoy the experience, and let me handle taking photos. You don’t get a do-over for life’s important milestones. But with my professional photography services, we can create beautiful, timeless images that will last generations.

Your future self will thank you.

why hire a birth photographer?

  • You only meet your baby for the first time once.

  • Memories may fade with time, but photographs endure, becoming timeless treasures.

  • Create a lasting legacy for your child.

  • You'll have beautiful images that you will lovingly cherish.

  • You can focus on the experience of giving birth, knowing that someone else is capturing all the important moments for you.

  • Every birth is different, so no matter if this is your first or third, this birth is special to you and the human you are carrying within you now.


There is one all-inclusive package available for birth photography, put together in what is named The Moonstone Experience.  During our consultation, we will delve into every detail, ensuring we are a match and to begin setting expectations for our time together. The highest priority will be to ensure the maintenance of your sacred birthing space. 

In the mean time, below is an overview of what is included.

Birth Photography INCLUDES:

Your deposit secures your place in my calendar for the anticipated arrival of your baby. As I typically undertake 2-3 births per month, scheduling a consultation at your earliest convenience increases the likelihood of availability.

From 36 weeks until 2 weeks after your estimated due date, I will be readily available for your labor and birth. The moment you alert me of your active labor, I will eagerly embark on this joyous journey alongside you.

Ideally before reaching 36 weeks gestation, we will come together to discuss your goals and aspirations for capturing the beauty of your labor and the birth of your baby. From consultations with your healthcare provider to sharing ideas on how to make your images accessible to your entire family, I will navigate every detail, ensuring your experience is seamless. If necessary and time permits, a second meeting can be arranged.

Once I arrive, my sole focus is to be an unobtrusive presence, carefully observing the intricate details of your active labor. I deeply respect the sacredness of this environment and prioritize preserving the entirety of your story, empowering and reminding you of the sanctity of this phase. I will remain by your side, alongside your support team, until approximately 2 hours after the birth.

Each image is thoughtfully selected and edited, capturing your unique style and evoking genuine emotions. No photo is included without careful consideration. Together, they weave a tapestry that tells the complete story of your child’s birth. These images are provided are delivered in full resolution with a private printing release. All deliverable images are included, there is no need for you to pick and choose between each frame of your baby’s Birth Story.

This digital slideshow is carefully crafted into a cohesive narrative that beautifully encapsulates the story of your child’s birth. Slideshow is set to music and can be shared with anyone as a testament to this monumental experience.

Once your images are ready, they will be delivered through a private, password-protected gallery exclusively accessible to you. You can download and treasure these images for up to 90 days after delivery of your gallery. Additionally, for a period of 6 months following, you can request the images in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Your images will be conveniently delivered through a private, password-protected gallery, accessible only to you. This gallery allows you to download your images within 60 days from your baby’s birth. Should you require assistance or encounter any challenges, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to support you.

I offer design support to help you create your ordered print products. I can work to create a customized layout and design that fits your unique story. Alternatively, you can also design with pre-made templates for a faster and easier option. I want to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your print product order.

Within 14-21 days after your child’s arrival, I will present you with a digital slideshow, revealing the story of your baby’s birth. You will have the opportunity to review the images and approve any Heirloom products, such as albums and prints, that you wish to order. These carefully selected items will be delivered to me for a final quality review, after which I will directly arrange a convenient time to deliver them to your doorstep. Home deliveries are limited to 50 miles distance from San Jose City. Distances outside of 50 miles are cared for on a case-by-case basis.



From this day until a few weeks after your baby’s arrival, let me walk you through our journey together when you choose me as your birth story photographer.


I start every client relationship with a quick 15-minute consultation call. This will provide us with an opportunity to meet, understand your unique needs for Birth Story Photography, and determine if we are the perfect fit for each other. This consultation carries no obligation whatsoever.


Should we both feel aligned, I will guide you through the process of reviewing and signing the contract, as well as submitting the retainer online. This step can be completed during our consultation, allowing us up to 45 minutes to finalize all necessary arrangements. Please remember that my calendar availability is confirmed only upon completion of the contract and retainer payment. The sooner we complete these steps, the sooner I can reserve your on-call time


Before your on-call period starts, we will have at least one meeting to discuss the final details of my role in your birth plan. Depending on your circumstances, a second meeting may be arranged around the 36-week mark, particularly if you have a group meeting planned with your entire birth team.


Once you reach approximately 36 weeks of pregnancy, my official on-call coverage for your labor and delivery commences. By staying in regular communication, just as you would with your doula or midwife, I will remain fully informed of your progress, ensuring I can capture every significant moment of your unique birth story.


On the day of your baby's birth, I will be there to photograph your active labor, the miraculous moment of birth itself, and up to 2 hours after. During this time, your only concern will be the arrival of your precious child. Leave the rest to me. Within 14-21 calendar days, you can expect to receive your digital images, presented to commemorate this extraordinary milestone.


Arrangement of the Birth Story Collection was thoughtfully curated with everyone in mind. There is one package, which gets rid of decision fatigue right away.  Remember, you receive all digital images in of this once in a lifetime event.  Instead of forcing you eliminating the need for you to choose specific items or a limited number of images. Instead, I offer a flexible investment plan to accommodate your preferences.


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