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Welcome to a transformative program designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and unwavering self-love.


In a world that constantly bombards us with unrealistic standards, it’s time to break free from the cycle of negative self-talk and embrace your unique journey. This space program is a safe haven where you’ll find unwavering support, a listening ear, and a guide to help you navigate the path towards self-compassion and body neutrality.

Together, we’ll uncover the power of self-advocacy and mind-set shifts, allowing you to rewrite your narrative and flourish in every phase of life. Whether you’re struggling to embrace changes, seeking to transform your relationship with your body, or longing to release the shackles of comparison, this program is tailored to you.

your story

Throughout this program we will encompass your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, looking to build a sense of self in every facet of your life and nurture a body image that holds space for all of you.


Reshape your inner dialogue, turn self-doubt into self-empowerment, and nurture a self-perception worthy of your divinity.


Build resilience through individualized strategies that help you bounce back from life's challenges, ensuring your self-worth remains steadfast even in tough times.


Together, we'll hold and cherish your one-of-a-kind body, celebrating the incredible journey it has taken you on.


Unlock your inner confidence, allowing you to step into any situation with poise and self-assuredness.


Recognize the individuality of your body, the journey called life so far, and experiences.


Learn tools and strategies to prioritize self-care practices that align with you and nurture your well-being, reinforcing self-love and body neutrality.


Inner Magic

21-day Challenge

A transformative journey focusing on body image coaching and self-empowerment, to help you build self-acceptance, love, practice body neutrality, and reshape your relationship with your body. Through a series of thought-provoking prompts and actionable steps, you embark on a three-week adventure of self-discovery and personal growth, fostering an empowered and kinder perspective towards yourself and your body. Comprised of a email series that is automatically delivered to your inbox over the course of 21 days, at the end of your challenge, you will have the option to schedule a 90-minute coaching session to review your experience.

Bodies throughout all phases

12-week Immersive Program

This is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Designed to empower you to embrace your unique essence, it offers a structured path to self-acceptance, body neutrality, and resilience. You engage in weekly lessons, reflective exercises, and personalized coaching to foster a profound transformation in your body image and overall well-being over the course of three transformative months.

eBooks & Online Courses

Self-Directed Education

A comprehensive, in-depth program that provides an extended and supportive journey toward self-empowerment and body neutrality. Spanning half a year, this course allows you to delve deeper into their personal growth and provides ample time to cultivate lasting positive changes. With regular coaching sessions, actionable tasks, and a supportive community, participants achieve a profound and lasting transformation in their body image and self-empowerment over six transformative months.


Most frequent questions and answers

All programs and courses stand out by including a holistic approach that combine body image, self-advocacy, and mindset transformation. Specifically, the Bodies Throughout All Phases program is uniquely designed to guide you through a comprehensive journey of self-discovery, empowering you at any phase of your life.

All 1-on-1 coaching programs are specifically crafted to guide participants in understanding, opening up to, and embracing body neutrality. Through a combination of mindful practices, self-reflection exercises, and empowerment techniques, we navigate the path towards a more present relationship with one’s body and unconditional love.

Q: How are the chakras integrated into the coaching program, and why are they relevant?


All one-on-one sessions are tailored to your specific needs. We’ll discuss your progress, address any challenges, and create a personalized plan to support your ongoing journey. These sessions provide a safe space for you to explore your experiences and receive guidance from an empathetic and understanding perspective.

Yes! I am a big fan of the phrase, “No asky, no getty.”  If you are in need of payment plans, I am happy to discuss a schedule that works for your needs. 

your sacred space facilitator


My expertise lies in creating a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can explore their relationship with their bodies. With a foundation in holistic approaches and a deep understanding of the emotional dynamics surrounding body image, I’m uniquely qualified to guide you on this transformative journey.

My mission is to empower you to embrace and celebrate your body at every stage of your life. I’m here to support you in your quest for body positivity and self-love, offering guidance that goes beyond the surface, helping you cultivate a profound connection with your body and self-esteem.

You are worthy of being as you are, right here, right now.

All humans are loved and respected here.  
Your concerns and needs in this world are always prioritized and honored. 

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Schedule your consultation today to embark on this empowering path of self-discovery and transformation. Together, we’ll uncover the radiance that exists within you, throughout all phases of life.

Now is the moment to take action – to embrace the beauty of your body’s evolution and discover the strength within. Reach out and embark on this empowering journey. Let’s work hand in hand to create a life illuminated by self-love, resilience, and a profound appreciation for every chapter of your unique story.

Radiant circle transformations

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