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9 Tips for a More Comfortable Labor from a Birth Photographer

Discover nine insightful tips for a more comfortable labor from a mother and birth photographer’s experience, encompassing both holistic and alternative approaches. Learn about non-hospital birthing options, various pain relief methods beyond epidurals, including natural remedies, and the calming effect of personal music playlists. Also covered are the benefits of water during labor, understanding different birthing positions, the supportive role of doulas, the importance of nourishment, the power of the mind in labor preparation, and considerations for a cesarean section. Equip yourself with informed questions to discuss with your doctor for a tailored birth plan.

4 Reasons You Should Plan an Unplugged Birth

When it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world, many expectant parents focus on creating the perfect birth plan. But in today’s digital age, people often overlook an important aspect of that plan: whether to plan an unplugged birth or disallow technology in the labor and delivery space. Should you plan for an […]

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