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At Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography, continued education is of the highest importance.  This priority is for the pure benefit and support of the birthing community.  As such, while not a requirement by any governing body, I have sought to add to my extensive training in the birth world by enrolling in a birth photography certification course.  Below is the Code of Ethics and Conduct as required by The Beauty in Birth Photography Certification Course, accessible here.  If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

A certified birth photography student is currently completing a 6-week training course on the technical and emotional aspects of being a birth photographer and agrees to adhere to the following conduct standards.

The birth photographer (BP) should strive to become and remain proficient in both professional practice during birth and technical photography skills.

Responsibility to Clients

  • The birth photographer’s primary responsibility is to his/her clients.
  • The birth photographer should respect the privacy of clients and keep all information obtained through the professional service private.
  • The birth photographer should not share birth images without the explicit written consent of the client through a model release form.
  • The birth photographer should not share birth images of anyone attending the birth without a completed model release form and explicit permission from each individual.
  • The birth photographer must clearly state his/her fees to the client, including when fees are due and what will be delivered after services are complete.

Responsibility to Providers and Facilities

  • The birth photographer’s primary goal is to maintain an open and healthy relationship with providers & hospitals to serve the client well.
  • The birth photographer will stop taking photos in case of emergency. If in question, the birth photographer will ask the attending provider or staff if it’s acceptable to resume taking photos.
  • The birth photographer vows to maintain a respectful relationship with hospitals, birth centers, midwives, doctors, and nurses and will cease taking photos when asked.
  • The birth photographer will not publicly share images of providers or staff without their permission, including name badges if faces are covered.
  • In an operating room or delivery room, the birth photographer will stand where instructed and stop taking photos if asked by the provider or staff.

Social Media Values

  • The birth photographer should extend respect and courtesy at all times on professional and personal social media accounts. This includes business pages, personal pages and groups
  • The birth photographer should be aware that social media content is permanent and may reflect on The Beauty in Birth®, the birth photographer and the profession of Birth Photography as a whole.
  • Social Media content should reflect this code of conduct at all times

Scope of Work

Services Rendered
  • The birth photographer will photograph labor, birth and after birth.
  • The birth photographer will do everything possible to capture requested photographs, understanding birth is unpredictable and every image may not be possible.
Limits to Work
  • The birth photographer does not provide emotional or physical support during labor, unless hired also as a doula.
  • The birth photographer will not give advice to the client during labor, but can direct client to resources if asked.
  • If the birth photographer is also a trained doula, the birth photographer must make it clear that these additional services (such as support in labor) are an additional service, outside of the birth photographer’s scope of work.
  • The birth photographer does not speak for the client or advocate for the client during labor.


Photographers who are training to be certified by TBIB should complete all the requirements set forth in the requirements for Birth Photography Certification. A certified birth photographer (CBP) should complete a 6-week training course on the technical and emotional aspects of being a birth photographer.

agreed upon Jauary 2023 by Michelle "MO" Ousset of Maiden, Mother, Crone, Photography

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