I have learned that there is one thing we never get more of: time.

You are worthy of being photographed as you are, right here, right now

My mission is to show everyone the majesty of their existence, whether it’s their first moments, or the next transition in life, your life is beautiful and deserves documentation. Photography is a space that freezes life in its place, holding still that which we don’t get back – time.

​It is a sacred privilege to document this phase in your life for you to reflect back on with pride and immense joy throughout your life and the lives of those you love. Photography allows you to simply exist while your experience is documented for your reflections and empowerment at a later time.

All humans are loved and respected here.  Your concerns and needs in this world are always prioritized and honored. 



I bring a unique blend of holistic skills and coaching expertise to my photography practice. I am committed to supporting individuals on their transformative journey towards personal growth and healing. By combining my passion for photography with evidence-based techniques, I create a safe and empowering space for clients to explore their emotions, connect with their inner selves, and (re)discover the beauty of their human experiences. My goal is to guide clients towards self-discovery, empowerment, and a growth mindset using the transformative power of both photography and coaching. With my compassionate guidance and artistic approach, I am dedicated to helping clients navigate life’s challenges, embrace their strengths, and create meaningful and profound narratives that celebrate their unique stories.

In addition to education specific for birth and therapeutic photography, I have training in multiple holistic fields, including pregnancy massage, energy therapy, full-spectrum birth doula work, and therapeutic photography. I focus on trauma-informed interactions to create safe spaces required for a person experiencing pregnancy and childbirth.

I serve a wide reach of clients within 50+ miles of San Jose and the heart of Silicon Valley.

I am inclusive of all family structures and birth plans, including but not limited to single parents, surrogacy, polyamorous families, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, hospital births, home births, and everyone in between. 

I am also a proud member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. We are a community of talented artists eager to connect with expectant birth persons.


Education & Certificates

My training program encompassed a diverse range of coaching methodologies, techniques, and principles that are rooted in evidence-based practices. Through this training, I have gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of various coaching models, effective communication strategies, goal-setting techniques, and methods to foster personal growth and transformation. I hold separate certificates for each of the following areas of focus:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
  • Therapeutic Art
  • Self-Care and Boundary Setting
  • Transformation & Empowerment
  • Rewriting Your Life Story
  • Shamanic Journeying & Meditation

At Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography, continued education is of the highest importance.  This priority is for the pure benefit and support of the birthing community.  As such, while not a requirement by any governing body, I have sought to add to my extensive training in the birth world by enrolling in a birth photography certification course.  Listed here is the Code of Ethics and Conduct as required by The Beauty in Birth Photography Certification Course, accessible here.  If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to reach out via the contact page.

As a graduate of The Boudoir University I have pledged to continue to do the work necessary to educate myself on as many different intersections of oppression as possible. In addition to striving to provide a safe, inclusive, and empowering photographic experience for all humans, I also aim at mitigating harm where possible. It is my belief that every human is worthy of respect in the form of, but not limited to: consent, safe practices, open communication, and understanding. Every human deserves photographic documentation and it is my promise as your professional to constantly aim for inclusivity, empowerment and empathy in all practices. Certified graduate in 2022.

Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings’ courses are socially conscious, culturally appropriate, diverse, and action-oriented. Students are trained to serve their clients using the best practices available, and are provided with a wide perspective of disparities, inequalities, policies and rights. I am prepared to be an active partner in the movement to change birth and reproductive health culture locally, nationally and globally. My Full-Spectrum Doula coursework provided me with education for all stages of a birthing person’s life. Additional education included topics and issues facing our communities and birth world, such as the black maternal health crisis, food insecurity, and queer and trans birth and family building.

DONA International is one of the longest standing and widely respected doula organizations in the world. Through this organization I have completed education courses for being a Birth Doula, aiming to emotionally and mentally support a birthing person through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I have also completed coursework around Breastfeeding Skills to further support clients I serve.

Body Therapy Education has a mission and dedication to advancing the holistic and objective aspects of therapeutic massage and bodywork through the creation of books, continuing education courses, supervised bodywork practice and mentoring experiences. I completed 32 Continuing Education credits (hours) in their intensive Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy coursework with Carole Osborne in April 2018.

National Holistic Institute lives and breathe our mission statement of Helping People Have Work They Love. They whole-heartedly believe that being a well trained massage therapist gives their students the ability to improve their life, career and community.  I completed their 900-hour program and graduated in 2018 as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator, and would go on to teach for some years afterward.  I would maintain my massage therapy certification with California state for another five years.

Discover the beauty in your story.


looking for someone else?

I am a white, able-bodied, and cis-gendered female – there is not getting around that. In order to provide you the support you need, I may not be the right person for you.  View this page to find a list of local support people and how to contact them.

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