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When it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world, many expectant parents focus on creating the perfect birth plan. But in today’s digital age, people often overlook an important aspect of that plan: whether to plan an unplugged birth or disallow technology in the labor and delivery space. Should you plan for an unplugged birth?

A what now?

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards “unplugged” weddings – you’ve heard of this, right? An unplugged wedding is a wedding ceremony where guests are asked to put away their cell phones, cameras and other electronic devices in order to be present in the moment and not disrupt the ceremony.

Recently, I have heard of this giving way to the idea of an “unplugged birth“, where technology is limited or completely prohibited in the birthing space. This is to create an environment where the birthing person can be fully present and not distracted by devices. By eliminating technology, the birthing person can focus on the experience and fully participate in the transformative moment of birth.

Ok, but why have an unplugged birth?

First and foremost, you allow for a more intimate and private experience. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re on display for an audience of friends and family members. You don’t want to be thinking about messages pinging your phone or the constant refreshing of your page feed.

By prohibiting technology, you can create a more peaceful and focused environment for you, and by extension, your baby.

An unplugged birth allows for more in-the-moment focus. When you’re in the middle of labor, you want to be fully present in the moment. You want to devote your attention on your breathing, your baby, and the process of bringing them into the world. But when there are phones constantly beeping and screens creating distractions through light, it can be difficult to stay present. By prohibiting (or limiting) technology, you can eliminate these distractions and focus on being where you want and need in your labor space.

This is not their story

Choosing to plan an unplugged birth also allows for more control over the story and memories of your labor and your baby’s birth. If someone else is constantly sharing updates on social media, they will have control over the memories of the birth. By prohibiting social media sharing, you can ensure that you and your family capture the memories of the birth in a meaningful way.

But won’t I miss something?

Having an unplugged birth offers many benefits, however, many expectant parents still want to have a visual record of their child’s birth. One way to achieve this while still maintaining an unplugged birth is by hiring a birth photographer. A birth photographer skillfully captures the emotional and physical journey of labor and delivery in a discreet and respectful manner. They provide a crisp visual record of the birth, without the distractions and invasions of privacy that can come with smartphones and other technology. Hiring a professional birth photographer can ensure that you have beautiful, intimate, and meaningful photographs of your child’s birth, while also maintaining an unplugged birth experience.

The way you choose to limit social media and related technology in your birth space is unique to you and this birth your are preparing for. In my experience, the best way to set yourself up for success is to establish your boundaries by your third trimester. Let your friends and family know what to expect, too. This way, when your due date gets closer, you don’t feel pressured to provide updates at any time when you deserve to be present with yourself. Don’t forget that you can change these at any time!

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