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PARENTS! Anyone else feel like their baby literally looks a year bigger and older than they did compared to just YESTERDAY? SAME. That’s why I am obsessed with the baby plan photography package at Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography! The Aventurine Collection will create a time capsule of your baby at 6, 12, and 18 months so you’ll have beautiful, high-quality photos to look back on and remember these important milestones. Because, I’ll be honest – I was planning to do that monthly picture with my baby. But by month seven.. I was exhausted. It would have been so much easier for someone to come and take photos FOR me. And this is me – a PHOTOGRAPHER – talking!!

I learned the hard way that documenting your baby’s growth and milestones through photography is important – but super difficult to stick to. This is especially true if your postpartum has added difficulties that make that much more compounded. Photographing your baby’s development allows you to better and remember special moments and changes in your baby’s life.

what’s so important about a baby plan photography package?

It can also be a way to celebrate your child’s achievements and the many special moments that occur during their first two years of life. Whether it’s their first smile, first steps, or first birthday, these photographs can help you to cherish and look back on these milestones with joy and pride.

I designed the sessions of the baby plan photograph package to focus on natural snapshots of your lives in that time, similar to other Lifestyle sessions. With the baby plan photograph package, we also can have two outfit changes per session, allowing us to use a special prop (like a customized name blanket or toy) or outfit that you want to use as a theme. We will review this in our consultation together to ensure your vision can be possible. I’ll help you pick a location for each session, as well. I can come to your home or a location of your choice, which can be especially helpful with a young baby and a busy schedule. Each session is 30 or 60 minutes long and meant to unfold at a natural rhythm and pace.

Next, let’s look at the milestone sessions covered in our Aventurine Collection!

baby plan photography package 6 months

The 6-month milestone

At this age, babies are starting to show their personalities more and more. Their faces have changed, migrating away from the newborn face they arrived with. They may be laughing, smiling, and making all sorts of adorable expressions. It’s a joy to watch them discover the world around them and figure out how to communicate with those around them.

One of the biggest milestones at this age is the ability to sit up on their own. I assure you that during this session, I will support your baby. We will discuss before the session about what your baby needs to be safe during our session.

In addition to sitting up, babies at this age may also start to show some signs of crawling. Some babies may crawl on their hands and knees, while others may “army crawl” or scoot around on their bellies. Either way, it’s another achievement to be proud you little one is learning to accomplish.

baby plan photography package 12 months

The 12-month milestone

It’s hard to believe how much they have grown and changed over the past year by this point. At this age, babies are becoming more independent and may be taking their first steps, with or without assistance. They may be pointing to objects and people, trying to communicate their wants and needs. The baby’s ability to engage and interact certainly makes for moments that can easily be forgotten.

Of course, don’t forget to celebrate your baby’s first birthday! This is a special occasion that deserves to be marked with lots of love and special memories. This milestone can have part of your baby’s birthday party documented. If you don’t have something like a cake smash planned, consider throwing a small party with family and friends, or just spending the day together as a family doing something special. No matter how you choose to celebrate, it’s sure to be a day you’ll never forget.

baby plan photography package 18 months

The 18-month milestone

At 18 months old, babies are full of energy and personality. They are starting to become even MORE independent and are starting to develop their own interests and hobbies. (Cue the ambivalent tears of joy and despair of being a parent). Babies are at a stage where they are really starting to express themselves through facial expressions and body language.

They start to show their unique character, so I focus on getting shots that really show off their personality now. This can be through candid shots of them playing and exploring, or more prompted/posed shots where they are showing off a silly face or funny expression. This is the age where babies are starting to run, climb, and explore their environment more independently and confidently. Sometimes pictures at this stage are of action shots, such as when they are running around the park or climbing on a jungle gym.

Why can’t I just do a baby plan myself?

I mean, you CAN… but do you want to? I want to share with a few reasons on why getting a baby plan photograph package like the Aventurine Collection is the best course of action for photographing your little one. The first one is: schedule! I’ll schedule your sessions in advance and handle all the planning and details. We will set dates ahead of time, and I will check in before each one to confirm it for you.

Let’s also touch on the topic of TIME – there is so much time you save when you let me handle the photo taking, selecting, editing, uploading – it’s all done for you.

We all know photographs are a great way to document and remember special milestones in anyone’s life. Hiring a photographer ensures that you have beautiful, high quality images to look back on and cherish for years to come.

the best part of it all?

You will be in the photos! The immediate family is included in Lifestyle Sessions that make up the baby plan photography package. You, the parent, the one usually taking the photos, will actually be IN them.

These images that will stand the test of time. The equipment I have includes high-quality cameras and lenses, and have the experience to properly expose and process the images to ensure that they look their best. This means that the photographs will be sharp, well-lit, and properly composed. This way, you can print you images at large sizes without losing quality.

I am also able to capture special moments and memories that you may have missed. By nature and training, I am observant and look for candid, unposed moments, all to immortalize the personality and spirit of you and your baby.

This can be especially valuable for parents who are busy and/or may not have the time or energy to constantly be taking photos. In dealing with heightened anxiety and depression as a result of postpartum changes, I also had traumas from my labor and birth I had to deal with. These were of course, unexpectedly, I would add. If I had something like a baby plan available, it would have taken so much pressure off of me, especially since birth photography was not an option for me at the time.

in conclusion

Documenting a baby’s growth and development through photography is a special and meaningful way to cherish and look back on the many milestones and memories of their first few years of life. It can be challenging to keep up with taking regular pictures, but professional photo sessions such as the baby plan photography package offered in the Aventurine Collection at Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography can make it easier to capture beautiful, high-quality images of these special moments. These photos can become a treasured part of a family’s history. Sharing them with your child as they grow older will help to celebrate their achievements. It’ll also serve as a legacy reminder of the love and joy they bring to their family.

Contact me today to ask about the Aventurine Collection and how they can be part of your family’s treasured heirlooms.

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