time won't stand still, but a photograph will.

gain perspective when life is at full speed

My mission is to show everyone the majesty of their existence, whether it’s their first moments, or the next transition in life, your life is beautiful and deserves documentation. Photography is a space that freezes life in its place, holding still that which we don’t get back – time.


Choosing to immortalize when your child comes to this world, when you are focused on feeling the moment, allows you to relive this precious phase over and over. With these images, your experience will be preserved to allow you to reflect upon for years to come. 

Every birthing person deserves to have their labor and birth documented.

Invest in freezing memories for the future through documenting the birth and life of your child. Embrace the opportunity to immortalize the extraordinary journey of bringing a new life into the world. Discover the dedicated services of your local birth photographer in San Jose, California, who committed to documenting your unique story. Dive into the details on this page and visualize your experience from start to finish.


That’s ok! There are a number of reasons for us to work together, like therapeutic photography. It can be a powerful tool for your healing and personal growth journey with your body image. 

Photography is a space that freezes life in its place, holding still that which we don’t get back – time.

EVERYONE IS WORTHy of photography.

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"Michelle was our birth photographer. She met with us beforehand to discuss expectations, and was professional and discreet during the birth. The pictures came out beautifully."

- Kristin

birth photography CLIENT

Discover the beauty in your story.


 As your birth and therapeutic photographer, I embrace a non-judgmental approach, allowing you to express your unique journey. With a calm and attentive energy, I have love and respect for all humas. It is my jo to prioritize and honor your concerns and needs in this world, and moment. Step into a space where your well-being reigns supreme, where every aspect of your being is celebrated and cherished.

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I serve individuals within a 50 mile distance from San Jose, CA including San Francisco, Oakland, Half Moon Bay, and Santa Cruz.

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I am a white, able-bodied, and cis-gendered female – there is not getting around that. In order to provide you the support you need, I may not be the right person for you.  View this page to find a list of local support people and how to contact them.
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